5 Reasons Why We Should All Just Only Be On Snapchat

Lately I’ve found myself posting less on Instagram, checking Twitter far less often, and pretty much just having a blast on Snapchat. Those are the only social media apps I’m on, and honestly, I wish I could just ditch all of them for Snapchat.

I used to care about having tons of connections online, but never spoke to any of them, and had no reason to. I’m starting to use social media just to let some people know I’m not dead.

Frankly, I’d like to just delete Twitter and Instagram, and just have Snapchat. If everyone could go ahead and do that too, that’d be great.

Why should you all do what I say? Here’s five, truly spectacular reasons that you can shove down your pie-hole.

1. We All Talk To Like Three People On Social Media

Despite what we all think, we really don’t talk to all of those people on Facebook or Twitter. Out of the hundreds of people you’ve friended or followed, you really just talk to a few: your friends.

You text them, retweet them, like their posts, and pretty much leave everyone else alone. We all follow our friends on the apps we have in common, but why?

We all talk to a small number of people, and it’s the same social circle, no matter the app you’re on. There simply isn’t a point in talking to the same people in three or four different mediums.

2. Mom, Aunt Bridget, and Grandma aren’t on Snapchat

If you have Facebook, chances are that you’re friends with members of your family.  Trust us when we say that parents on social media isn’t pretty.  Whether they suck or not isn’t important; it’s the fact that they’re always right there on Facebook, seemingly waiting for you to post something, anything, and comment on it.

You see, we can’t have that. Aunt Bridget, keep your anti-Obama rhetoric to yourself- we’ve had enough.

If we all got on Snapchat, we’d never have to deal with them again (accept for Thanksgiving). There’s no way in hell that any of your older family members will know how to navigate the app store, find Snapchat, download it, and somehow use it correctly, not to mention figure out how to add people on the app itself.

Snapchat is 100% Granny-proof.

3. We all hate everyone else anyway

Why have so many connections on social media when we use .0004% of them (number is highly inaccurate), so why have a Facebook or anything other than Snapchat? With everyone on Snapchat, we’ll all just follow our friends and have a good time, rather than watching some old high school classmate bitch about their “horrible” life every day.

I don’t care about anything anyone has to say on social media unless they’re my friend. I’m not going to interact with some random stranger on the internet when I can just send selfies and funny videos to my friends, and where only they can see them.

4. We could all take advantage of Snapchat’s ephemeral qualities

Snapchat pictures and videos are gone forever and ever after ten seconds or less. When on social media, we don’t scroll weeks down our timelines to see what people have said; we look at what’s being posted now.

On Snapchat, everything you see has been posted sometime today (besides Stories, which last for 24 hours). That’s all you need to see; no need for there to be posts from previous days or weeks when we’ve already seen them.

People have had rough days and taken to Facebook, for example, only to rant or make a scene that makes them look really bad. Politicians keep taking dick pics that always pop up on the Internet.

On Snapchat, your rant or dick pic is going to be gone very, very soon, and if anyone sees it, it doesn’t matter. It’ll be gone forever after they see it, so for all we know, it never happened; problem solved, dick-pic takers and sharers.

5. Communicating on Snapchat is just way more fun

When you’re chatting on Facebook, it’s just a bunch of text. Same for Twitter.

Snapchat, on the other hand, makes communication way more realistic. When we talk to someone in person, we see them, and each sentence, each moment, is gone forever after is passes.

There’s a memory of those moments, but that’s all we’re left with. Snapchat is the same way.

Pics sent back and forth between friends are like sentences- they’re there, and then they’re gone. Communication in this format is refreshing and so simple and so beautiful.

Snapchat helps us all communicate when we are far away from each other, and does it so authentically. Facebook could never do that.

We all have people we talk to, and those are really all we need to enjoy our lives. There’s no need to have 1,000 virtual friends you never talk to.

Snapchat helps you get in touch with those you care about, and frankly, that’s all that matters.


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