Snapchat Can Get Young People Interested In The Arts

If you go to an arts center or museum near you, and you’ll find it mostly empty. People aren’t that interested in art anymore; they’d rather just watch some cat videos or GIFs.

Art hasn’t had the limelight since the days of Leonardo Da Vinci and enlightenment, but that can change. Technology has helped drown out art, but it surely can help bring the focus back to it.

Snapchat has already been doing this for a minute, as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (or LACMA) has been showcasing art displayed in the museum on the app. That’s about the length and breadth of it though, but hey, it’s something.

Besides just helping pique millennials’ interest in art in LA, Snapchat can help young people around the world connect with art. Live Stories, which are curated Stories featuring cities and events around the world, could help showcase art in museums everywhere.

There are tons and tons and tons of art museums around the world, and if the art could be shared via Snapchat, young people could find their love for art or become inspired creatively by what they see.

Teens and millennials don’t even have to be interested in art to be inspired by it; that’s the beauty of art. Various people can look at the same thing and have very different interpretations of it.

LACMA’s Snapchat account mainly uses the art in humorous ways, giving some sculptures or paintings hilarious captions, and this is a great way to get the attention of young people; they view art as boring, so spice it up a little to get their interest.

If museums around the world created Snapchat accounts, I guarantee they’d see more visitors almost instantly. Some young people simply might not know of the art museums, and sharing the art on Snapchat could get them to see it the art in person.

Businesses and brands use Snapchat to give fans and customers discounts and deals, and art museums could give deals on tickets by having people screenshot snaps mentioning
the deal. This is a pretty easy process, when you think about it.

Snapchat is a free app that literally anyone can use. Museums can revitalize their business and earn more revenue by sharing the art they have on display; some people may be willing to go to a museum, but they simply may not know about it.

I you share it, they will come.  If you want to learn more about LACMA, then check out the video below.



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