Our Approach

loyalTXT is a customer loyalty program that uses your customers’ mobile number as a replacement for plastic loyalty cards. During checkout, customers provide their mobile numbers or email address to the clerk who enters it into the Point of Sale terminal.

loyalTXT will then immediately text the customer requesting an email address and emails the final registration form. All data is collected from consumers out of the checkout queue, so it’s fast enough even for Quick Service Restaurants to use!

Promote with Text Messaging

Text messages enable instant communication over 90% of the population aged 13+ carries a mobile phone and according to Nielsen ratings, over 90% of text messages are opened and read within 15 minutes of delivery. Text is two-way: we use it to complete the registration process instead of using paper forms or entering data directly into the POS. No other communication medium offers that power.
Brand with Email Marketing – Sending email directly through the Sundrop Mobile platform is easy & it provides another opportunity to connect with your loyal customers. Our full-featured email marketing tool allows you to send branded newsletters, upcoming event notifications, and holiday greetings – the possibilities are endless!
Engage with Social Media – By engaging in social media, you can expand your marketing reach to friends and family of your most loyal customers, promote interaction between your business and its most loyal customers, build constant awareness of your social media presence, and reach your customers where they are – in social media!

Act with Location-Based Marketing

Reward Card Wallet makes all of your customers’ reward cards easily accessible without adding bulk to their key chain! Reward Card Wallet creates offers that will be available to potential customers who are near your store and you’re able to grow your mobile marketing database and your business.