oyalTXT is a customer loyalty program that uses your customers’ mobile number as a replacement for plastic loyalty cards. loyalTXT communicates your customers’ program status after every visit, distributes rewards as customers reach milestones in your program, monitors email metrics and coupon redemption rates, and provides extensive reporting capabilities so you can adjust your program to maximize results.

Reward Card Wallet makes all of your customers’ reward cards easily accessible without adding bulk to their key chains! Reward Card Wallet offers merchants location-based marketing allowing you to present offers automatically to your customers when they are nearby. Additionally, it offers merchants an affiliate network so you can attract new customers through the growing network of Reward Card Wallet users.

Coupon Redeemer helps you track redemptions in real-time and helps protect you against multi-redemption fraud. It also gives you the opportunity to re-market to your new customers and increase your profits! It’s free, easy-to-use, and helps you collect valuable marketing data.

Mobile for MailChimp adds SMS text messaging to your marketing mix by integrating your MailChimp account with Sundrop Mobile’s List Builder. This plug-in will collect your subscribers’ mobile phone numbers during the sign-up process to provide you with text message marketing capabilities to your email subscribers.

Wait List Pager & Tee Time Pager are iPad applications that helps the service industry & golf course staffs manage and streamline wait times by asking customers for their mobile number. It gives your customers the freedom to roam far beyond the constraints of a traditional pager system and gives you the opportunity to grow your business by utilizing your mobile marketing database.