Welcome to the Android Nation

I had a BlackBerry for years. I loved the keyboard. I loved scrolling around with the trackball, I loved my BlackBerry. After a while, I started to notice something. It was slow. Really slow. The apps I wanted weren’t available for my model, It was clunky. The trackball needed to be cleaned or replaced more times than I can count. Did I mention it was slow?

My co-workers were primarily split between the iPhone and an array of various Android models. Their phones were quick. Their phones were slick. The GPS was accurate, and the Apps, oh my the apps… I soon realized I had Android envy.

This past Saturday, with little fanfare and trip to the phone store, I said goodbye to my BlackBerry and joined the Android Nation. I was reluctant to say goodbye to my BlackBerry keyboard, however, once it was gone I didn’t miss it – at all. The apps are phenomenal, the speed is amazing. I’m sure I’ll learn more about the things my phone can do in the next few weeks, but it’s intuitive enough that the lessons I’ll learn will be easy and painless. I have been asking myself, Why did I wait so long?

It’s interesting to note that as early as Q2 2010 there was a far smaller percentage of BlackBerry owners who wanted to upgrade to a new BlackBerry. As time goes on, I predict we’ll see those numbers decrease even more and the demand for Android and iPhone continue to grow.

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