7 Annoying Things Girls Do On Snapchat

We all know someone on Snapchat whose posts are totally predictable, and most of the time pretty annoying. You know, they always post the same kind of stuff over and over, and after a while you wonder if they’re either the most boring and unimaginative person ever, or they’re a robot.  And if they ever just get too crazy or irritating you can always block someone on SnapChat with just a click.

Guys for the most part just share a selfie and a video of what they’re up to, while girls go a little further with their snaps. Girls have a wide range of snaps that they do on a regular basis, and I’ve curated a list of seven of these types of snaps that need to stop, and pronto.

1. “Snap me”

I’m not sure if these girls are bored because they a lull in their day where they have some free time, or they’re constantly bored and need some fleeting communication to fix that problem.

Either way, no one will snap you. If I wanted to talk to you, I would’ve sent you a snap without you needing to ask me.

These snaps make you seem desperate for attention, and there’s no way in hell that I’m going to feed that hunger. These posts kinda make it seem like you don’t have many friends, and our minds run wild with ideas about why; that’ll just make us shy away from you even more.

If you’re bored and have some downtime, just snap someone instead if you want to talk to someone that bad; it’s easier to go to them rather than have them come to you.

Ladies, please don’t post these snaps anymore. We both know they didn’t work.

2. “Goodnight Snapchat”

I’ll go to bed whenever the hell I want, thank you.

3 “On the way to (some place)”

This is just stupid; if you’re driving a car, you’re the biggest idiot ever if you decide to make a video snap when you’re at the wheel.

Seriously, though; that’s incredibly, undeniably idiotic. Not only can you kill yourself, but you can crash into some random, innocent person all because you wanted to share that you’re going to Six Flags or something.

Just wait a little bit to send a snap once you get to where you’re going; no one cares either way, and it’s so not worth it just for a ten-second video.

4. Concert snaps

Oh, you’re at a concert? Awesome.

Shouldn’t you be enjoying the concert rather than forcing us to like your awful taste in music? Put your phone back into your bag and enjoy the moment; it’s best to keep these memories to yourself rather than focus on sharing them with a captive audience.

If you’re posting snaps to your Story the whole time, your focus is not fully concentrated on the event that’s literally surrounding you, and you’re robbing yourself of the full experience. What I’m saying is, no one wants to see that crappy band that only you know about.

5. Three second (or less) videos

Cool, you posted a shaky video of you quickly changing from the rear to front-facing camera and making a little face before it ends. We were all waiting for that one desperately, and now we can move on with our lives.

Just post a selfie next time.

6. All that healthy tea crap

Teas that are supposed to help you lose weight or revitalize your hair are getting really popular, and all because of Instagram. Hannah Stocking, I love you and your booty but please, please, enough with the tea ads.

She’s getting paid for it, which is legit and all, but now it’s getting a tad out of hand. Everyone and their dead grandmother is drinking these teas, which is totally fine, but we don’t really want to see your snap of a cup with discolored water in it.

We see enough Insta ads for tea, and we’d like a reprieve from it every now and then.

7. 120 seconds of you playing with your hair and making a face

When people see a snap that is over a minute long, they expect something entertaining.

You riding in a car, making some pursed lip faces, and playing with your hair does not equal entertainment. Jumping over a pool of sharks (with lasers on their heads, of course) while on fire and being carried by an eagle made of gold is totally freakin’ awesome; it’s impossible, but still pretty sweet.

If you could do that, I’d watch your snapsex all day; in fact, the entire world would. But nope, you’re just trying to look cute for two minutes and say like three words the entire time, all to someone out of shot.

Ladies, you’re awesome, and I love you all immensely. But please, try to change it up every once in a while.

You’re beautiful and all, but your snaps make you seem a little boring and predictable, which isn’t wifey material. I suggest you invest in sharks with lasers on their heads if you want to spice up your snaps.

Check out this video of other annoying things that girls do.

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